STEP 2 - Online Registration

  1. Start the online process at Home Campus – Home Campus
  2. Register for an account – using the parent/ guardian email address.
  3. Get your athletes STUDENT ID # from them or your Homelink account. If you are an incoming freshman and do not have access to your Homelink account please enter "000000".
  4. Once registered, find the Start Clearance Here tab – if you have more than one student-athlete attending GBHS, you will need to register a clearance for each. If your student-athlete plans on playing more than one sport, you will need to add each sport individually.
  5. Fill in all of the information on the student information page – NOTE:  you must have insurance or purchase the school insurance in order for your student-athlete to be cleared. Upload a copy of insurance card.
  6. Complete the Parent/Guardian Information page.
  7. UPLOAD your completed District Health History and Physical Exam Form (BOTH pages) to the site toward the bottom on the student information page. Please make sure not to load it just into the library, but into the spot for the physical itself.   If page 2 does not upload together, upload page 2 to:  Additional forms  *Please do not email or drop off forms to the Athletic Secretary. **Coaches will NOT collect any physicals.
  8. UPLOAD a copy/picture of your insurance card in "Proof of Insurance" area.
  9. The athlete AND the parent will need to electronically “sign” (First and Last Name) the required sections.
  10. Submit the clearance.  Add each sport your student will play.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email when everything has been submitted and one when your student-athlete has been CLEARED by the school to participate.

Your athletes' account will be reviewed manually.

(This can take up to 48-72 school business hours, as all clearances are done manually).