1. Once you have received the confirmation email that your child has been CLEARED by GBHS Athletics (this can take up to 48-72 business hours) please print the clearance confirmation TICKET TO TRY OUT.   This document must be turned into the athletes coach before they can participate.
  2. If your athlete would like to participate in more than one sport, each sport must be signed up for individually. Simply click on the “Start Clearance Here!” and when you hit the “Student Information” page, select your athlete on the drop down option. Most information is saved, including your physical, but some will require you to resubmit. Go through the medical history, parent/guardian info and signatures to be cleared for the additional sports.
  3. Ensure that you and your athlete read through the Athletic Handbook.

**Please note that if your student plays multiple sports, you will be required to register for those sports as well.  All sports will be open to sign-up during the summer.  If you do not sign-up for a particular sport, the student-athlete will not show up on the cleared roster for the coach and will not be allowed to participate.